Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free people, etc.

Hey guys! So i was recently just roaming around on freepeople.com, if you guys haven't heard of them there a clothing line, with really cute bohemian/hippieish clothes...I wish i could afford it hahaha! But anyways they have a really cool blog called B L D G 25 you guys should check it out, I love reading on what they have to say, etc. Any who, I wrote this post because there is this chair that I really want from here, but I don't think they sell it but one day I am going to own it or I will find a way to make my own hahah! But here's a picture of it, comment below and tell me what you guys think of it! (:


So I am sitting here right now listening to music (right now it's Ghosts N Stuff;deadmau5) and I was just thinking about like what if we didn't have music? People would be different but mostly where would all the life go? Music is what keeps me "sane" like I said in my about me but it doesn't just do that either it helps me through so much, because if you're in a good mood you put on a good song but if your kind of in that depressed mood and you want a song that connects to you, wouldn't you turn some music on? Well, for me there is mostly always music on, whether it's an old song or a new song I just like to have some type of song on to make my life more fun or however you would describe it. But seriously, if you think about it what would life be without music...do you think we could survive without it? To be honest I don't think I could.
P.S. Listen to Ghosts N Stuff, right now it's at one of my favorite songs, even though that list goes on forever-not kidding!

And the sleepover w/Amanda continues...

Okay so Amanda and I just attempted to film a video about "Pillow bumping" what you do is you put a pillow in your shirt and you poof out like a oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory-I'm not kidding...haha! After that's done both of us spread to a corner and at the count of three, you slowly run into each other and whoever falls down first loses...none of us fell because were both probably the same size so it balances out! Anyways Amanda kept getting the best of me, and through me across the room, but i never fell I just kind of flew and than stood there after regaining my strength. Its currently 3:15 in the morning so I guess most things are funnier when it's this late...but I guess you also had to be here to see what happened, but from what I've told you, maybe you can picture what we did tonight, or should I say today? Well anyways, goodnight-good morning!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The funny things that come with having a best friend...

So I am with my best friend Amanda right now and we just finished eating dinner, btw it was really yummy, thanks mom! Anyways, we've been having best friend telepathy lately, p.s. that's when you both say/do something at the same time, but it's really weird because it's been happening a lot lately like we'll start singing,laughing at the same time or we'll say something at the same time. I guess with best friends that just happens a lot because your with them and you pick up on things you say a lot, etc. Or do you have those times where something isn't even that funny but then one of you laughs and than it just makes the whole thing hysterical!?!?! Well Amanda and I have that all the time, especially at 4 o'clock in the morning...but my point is when you have a best friend, expect to laugh 24/7! (I am actually laughing right now...haha)

Hey, welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone, my name is Rachel and I recently discovered how to blog from my best friend Amanda(Paintsplattersandcupcakes.blogspot.com), so now I have one of my own! My blog will basically be about friends,family,things i like,etc. I will be doing updates whenever I have time, just to show you guys what I have been doing, where I've been, things like that. Anyways, stay tuned for more!