Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I am sitting here right now listening to music (right now it's Ghosts N Stuff;deadmau5) and I was just thinking about like what if we didn't have music? People would be different but mostly where would all the life go? Music is what keeps me "sane" like I said in my about me but it doesn't just do that either it helps me through so much, because if you're in a good mood you put on a good song but if your kind of in that depressed mood and you want a song that connects to you, wouldn't you turn some music on? Well, for me there is mostly always music on, whether it's an old song or a new song I just like to have some type of song on to make my life more fun or however you would describe it. But seriously, if you think about it what would life be without music...do you think we could survive without it? To be honest I don't think I could.
P.S. Listen to Ghosts N Stuff, right now it's at one of my favorite songs, even though that list goes on forever-not kidding!

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